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About Us


Experience, reliability and innovation

We believe that a key factor in the success of our business is our understanding of the market sectors in which we operate and the knowledge we have of both the products we design and the applications they work within. With this experience and knowledge we can add value to your project team.

The company’s in-house design engineers work alongside its specialist manufacturing team to provide customers with high quality, innovative hydrodynamic white metal and PTFE bearings serving a range of industrial, commercial marine and naval markets.

Following the life cycle of each product, we offer comprehensive equipment supply and customer support with dedicated service and repair departments

Our long established global network can also provide support wherever you are in the world.

Our management systems and processes have been developed with our customers and our employees at the heart of them and are approved to the following standards: BS EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


In order to support critical applications in industries where products are required to meet stringent specifications and perform in demanding environments, Michell Bearings has developed a range of unique performance software tailored to our products.

This provides more accurate and reliable performance predictions than with any other commercially available software. Results from the software, which are backed up by years of product research and development testing, give our customer’s peace of mind and confidence in Michell Bearings ability to deliver safe and reliable bearing solutions.

Our in-house engineering team and our 100 years of experience in bearing design provides our clients with innovative engineering solutions to suit each individual application.