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Marine Gearbox internals

Michell Bearings have various products available for use in marine gearbox applications. Where possible we will seek to utilise the Michell standard ranges of bearing internals (hyperlinks to Omega, Omega Equalised, SE and JPU sections) but bespoke solutions are available if required. This can include special designs of radial bushes with plain or profile bores, special radial tilting pad bearings or specifically designed thrust bearing internals, with or without load equalisation features.

14PAD - Omega 14 - non equalised
18PAD - Omega 18 - non equalised

Key Features

  • Thrust pads are available with offset pivots to maximise the oil film thickness and reduce bearing temperatures.
  • Centre pivoted thrust pads are also available for continuously bi-directional machines if required.
  • Interacting equalising segments can be fitted behind the thrust pads to allow the thrust loads to be mechanically equalised across the entire thrust face.
  • Thrust pads are mounted in retaining rings and can be supplied in halves or one piece designs.
  • Plain bushes, profile bushes or centre / offset pivoted radial pads are available.
  • Can be arranged for flooded or directed lubrication (to minimise power losses).

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