HD Series

The Michell Heavy Duty (HD) Series is a modular range of high capacity horizontal shaft thrust and journal / journal bearings covering a shaft range from 300mm to 500mm across 2 frame sizes.

HD_Bearing - HD

Key Features

  • Compact, highly reliable and fully self-contained design.
  • Robust casing design.
  • High capacity radial and axial load capability.
  • 2 frame sizes covering a shaft diameter range of 300-500mm.
  • Radial loads are supported on a spherically seated whitemetal lined journal bush which is supplied in halves.
  • High pressure oil injection can be incorporated in the journal bush if required.
  • Tilting whitemetal thrust pads or whitemetal location faces can be incorporated at each end of the journal bush to support axial loads.
  • Design can include offset pivoted tilting thrust pads in order to reduce oil film temperatures and maximise film thicknesses.
  • Centre pivoted thrust pads can be fitted when continuous bi-directional operation is a requirement.
  • High pressure oil injection can be incorporated in the thrust faces if required.
  • PTFE thrust pads can be incorporated in the thrust faces to increase the thrust capacity and reduce the bearing frame size.
  • Oil circulation is achieved using an oil ring which is supplied in halves and clamped to the shaft working in conjunction with a floating oil scraper in the casing top.
  • Available with water cooling or circulating oil cooling.
  • Integral cooler assemblies can be supplied in cupro-nickel, stainless steel or titanium.
  • Electrical insulation can be provided.
  • Labyrinth end baffles, which are supplied in halves, are included at each end of the bearing.
  • Sealing to various IP grades can be provided at each end of the bearing as required.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Design can accommodate a wide variety of instrumentation requirements.

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