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PEEK bearings
PEEK bearings
PEEK Bearings
PEEK bearings

PEEK Bearings

White metal, PTFE and PEEK bearings are all complimentary to one another. Whilst white metal can be considered as the cost effective everyday material, PTFE and PEEK bearings have distinct advantages for more challenging environments. The advantages of PTFE are well documented, but PEEK has high strength and higher temperature resistant advantages and is well suited to high speed and/or high load applications.

PEEK thrust pads can be fitted into all of Michell Bearings’ standard product ranges, such as the AV and LV ranges, to improve bearing performance. Any specialist applications can be considered.

Our PEEK lined thrust pads have been comprehensively tested across a wide range of duties representing a broad base of real life applications.

The addition of PEEK into our portfolio reinforces our commitment to supplying high quality products that deliver significant performance improvements for the most demanding applications.

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Michell Bearings has been awarded Fit For Nuclear status.

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