The Michell Omega Series is a range of non-equalised thrust bearing internals. The philosophy of the Omega series involves offering various thrust pad sizes in different combinations to allow the most appropriate thrust bearing to be selected for the application.

6PAD - Omega 6 - non equalised
11PAD - Omega 11 - non equalised
14PAD - Omega 14 - non equalised
18PAD - Omega 18 - non equalised
OMEGA 8 - Non_Equalised

Key Features

  • 25 individual sizes of thrust pads with 6, 8, 11, 14 or 18 thrust pads per set.
  • Range allows the most suitably sized thrust bearing to be selected for the application.
  • Thrust pads are available with offset pivots to maximise the oil film thickness and reduce bearing temperatures.
  • Centre pivoted thrust pads are also available for continuously bi-directional machines if required.
  • Thrust pads are mounted in retaining rings and can be supplied in halves or one piece designs.
  • Flooded or directed ‘low loss’ lubrication alternatives.
  • The use of directed ‘low loss’lubrication involves delivering oil via holes between the thrust pads to reduce bearing power losses.
  • Instrumentation can be included as required.

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