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MV Series

For vertical shaft machine applications that cannot be satisfied using the Michell AV, LV or V product ranges, we will develop a solution that is specific to the project using our extensive library of products as a basis. This can include combined thrust and guide bearings or guide only bearings. The scope of supply will be tailored to the specific customer requirements.

AV_Internals - MV

Key Features

  • Design and scope of supply developed to suit the individual project.
  • Available with single (downward) thrust pads and upper thrust capability via tilting upper thrust pads or a whitemetal location face.
  • Can include offset pivoted tilting thrust pads in order to reduce oil film temperatures and maximise film thicknesses.
  • Centre pivoted thrust pads can be fitted when continuous bi-directional operation is a requirement.
  • High pressure oil injection can be incorporated in the thrust faces if required.
  • Radial loads are supported on line pivoted whitemetal faced tilting pads.
  • PTFE thrust pads can be incorporated in the lower thrust face to increase the downward thrust capacity and reduce the bearing frame size.
  • Available with water cooling, circulating oil cooling or fan / air cooling.
  • Integral cooler assemblies can be supplied in cupro-nickel, stainless steel or titanium.
  • Electrical insulation can be provided.
  • Sealing to various IP grades can be provided at the top or bottom of the bearing as required.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Design can accommodate a wide variety of instrumentation requirements.

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