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Journal Pad Units

The Michell range of Journal Pad Units (JPU) covers a shaft diameter range from 40-300mm. There are 5 tilting radial pads per set which can be arranged so that load is applied directly to one pad or shared between two pads. Each pad is manufactured to give a preload profile at the working face to ensure that a converging, pressure generating hydrodynamic oil wedge is always formed between the radial pads and the shaft.
Bespoke designs are available for any requirements that fall outside of the standard range.

JPU_Double_Thrust - JPU
JPU_Location - JPU

Key Features

  • 40-300mm shaft range.
  • Centre or offset pivoted radial pads can be used.
  • Length to diameter ratios of 0.4, 0.7 and 1.0 are available.
  • Can be arranged for flooded or directed lubrication (to minimise power losses).
  • Can be supplied with end baffles, floating seals, location faces or tilting pads at the ends of the bearing.
  • High pressure oil injection can be provided if required.
  • Instrumentation can be included as required.

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