We have a large and comprehensive bearing test facility within our main manufacturing site based in the North East of England. The facility is used throughout the year for new product development, prototype bearing testing, customer contractual bearing testing and validation of bearing performance prediction software.

Our bespoke test rigs can be configured in a number of ways to suit any given test program. Both vertical and horizontal bearings can be tested, large or small, high speed or low speed and at angles of tilt and roll, in order to simulate marine ‘sea-going’ conditions. Test bearings can be configured to run with a range of cooling methods, all from the services within our facility which include a large central oil lubrication system and high capacity water cooling system.

We can replicate in service duties of large vertical hydro generator, vertical pump, RCP motor, high speed gearbox, compressor and large naval propulsion applications (including main thrust blocks). Our test rigs can apply loads of up to 1000 tonnes, run at sliding speeds of more than 130 metres/second, handle shaft diameters of 700 mm and power ratings of up to 300 KW.

Contact us for specific details of our individual test rigs specific to your application.


Simulate marine conditions
Use a range of cooling methods
Replicate a number of applications
Apply loads of up to 1000 tonnes
A vertical test rig used for small to medium sized bearings
Ability to test PTFE thrust pads within a thrust block rig
Testing flood-lubricated vertical bearings
Ability to test bearings under inclined and rolled conditions
High speed horizontal bearing test rig
Small horizontal bearing test rig