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Marine propulsion motor and generator bearings

Michell Bearings design and manufactures propulsion motor and generator bearings for both naval and commercial marine applications.

The Michell Industrial Horizontal Bearing Range is often used for propulsion motor or marine generator applications on non-naval vessels. Propulsion motor and generator applications for naval vessels are generally designed specifically for the project or developed from existing Michell designs that have been supplied in the past.

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Key Features

  • Robust and reliable designs based on extensive experience.
  • Axial thrust loads are supported on tilting whitemetal or PTFE lined thrust pads.
  • Thrust pads are available with offset pivots to maximise the oil film thickness and reduce bearing temperatures.
  • Radial loads can be supported on whitemetal lined journal bushes or whitemetal lined tilting journal pads.
  • High pressure oil injection can be incorporated in the radial bearing if required.
  • Fully self-contained, water-cooled designs are available with proven methods of transferring oil from the bearing sump to the working faces of the bearing at all duty conditions.
  • Various cooler materials, typically cupro-nickel, stainless steel or titanium, are available to suit individual specification requirements.
  • Forced oil lubricated or circulating oil cooled solutions are available if

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