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SE Series

The Michell Self Equalised (SE) Series is a range of equalised thrust bearing internals. The provision of interacting equalising levers behind the thrust pads allows thrust loads to be mechanically equalised across the complete thrust face.


Key Features

  • 8 thrust pads per bearing.
  • 10 bearing sizes in the range.
  • Thrust pads are available with offset pivots to maximise the oil film thickness and reduce bearing temperatures.
  • Centre pivoted thrust pads are also available for continuously bi-directional machines if required.
  • Interacting equalising segments are fitted behind the thrust pads to allow the thrust loads to be mechanically equalised across the entire thrust face.
  • Thrust pads are mounted in retaining rings and can be supplied in halves or one piece designs.
  • Flooded or directed ‘low loss’ lubrication alternatives.
  • The use of directed ‘low loss’lubrication involves delivering oil via holes between the thrust pads to reduce bearing power losses.
  • Instrumentation can be included as required.

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