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British Engines Group

Michell Bearings is part of the British Engines Group based at several locations across the North East of England, as well as all over the world. British Engines was founded in 1922 in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, taking advantage of the region’s engineering heritage and local skills base.

British Engines is made up of eight engineering businesses operating across the globe. Each business designs and manufactures products for a wide range of industries including; chemical, oil and gas, construction, industrial and marine.

All of the products manufactured by the British Engines Group are designed in-house by skilled engineering teams and manufactured in one of the group’s production facilities. The seven factories based in the North East of England are supported by a network of offices across the globe including; America, Australia, India, Singapore, South Africa, as well as throughout Europe.

The group’s manufactured products include hydraulic motors used in high power construction, high pressure valves developed for the subsea sector, electromagnets used in motion control and fire safety, as well as industrial cable glands and cleats. Most recently in a joint venture between the British Engines Group and Newcastle University, Tyne Pressure Testing, a hyperbaric test centre, was created to test equipment under high pressures and extreme environments.

As part of such a prestigious engineering group, Michell Bearings has access to the British Engines Group’s on-going support and stability. This, along with a manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India, allows Michell Bearings to compete with hydrodynamic bearings manufacturers all over the world.

All of the group companies are certified to BS EN 9001, 14001 and 18001 relevant to their operational requirements and where applicable, the latest revisions.