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From Apprentice to Trainee Design Engineer

Posted: 14th December 2022

Corey joined Michell Bearings in 2016 as a Mechanical Engineering Apprentice and has recently won the ‘Apprentice Endeavour Award’ at the National Make UK Manufacturing Awards. We caught up with Corey as he starts his journey to become a qualified Design Engineer.

Tell us more about your time as an apprentice?

For the first twelve weeks I was at the TDR training school learning the initial ropes of my apprenticeship before coming into the business where I rotated around departments gaining as much experience as possible. Into the third year of my apprenticeship I started to focus on the CNC machines and in particular, the Puma machine.

You won the Apprentice Endeavour Award at the National Make UK Manufacturing Award’s in London, tell us more?

In the third year of my apprenticeship I started to show an interest in Production Engineering and CAD/CAM, an interest I developed whilst completing my HNC at Tyne Metropolitan College. I asked if I could have a temporary secondment in the Production Engineering Department to learn more about CAD/CAM and how the business applied the technology.

During this time, I created a training plan for future apprentices to show how the production engineering department works, allowing apprentices to grow various skill-based competencies. This training plan was recognised and I was awarded the Apprentice Endeavour Award at the National Make UK Manufacturing Award in 2020.

Whilst I was developing the training plan I was also busy outside of work opening a Scout Group in Meadow Well, providing over 60 children with the opportunity to be part of a local youth organisation.

How did you transition from Apprentice to Trainee Design Engineer?

During my apprenticeship I decided I would like to further my career and work towards qualifying as a Design Engineer. I spent six months working on CAD designs, drawings and 3D modelling with the Production Engineering Department and realised that was the role I wanted to pursue.

Once completing my apprenticeship, I worked on the CNC machines for around six months before applying for the Design Engineer role.

I’m currently developing the skills needed to become a qualified Design Engineer. The team and in particular John Butler, Design Office Manager, have been really supportive and provided me with training to complete my degree at Teesside University.

What are your future career goals and ambitions?

I’m enjoying my current role and looking forward to becoming a qualified Design Engineer at Michell Bearings. Once I’ve completed my qualification I would like to study a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Aside from all things engineering, what do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a volunteer for The Scouts and regularly help organise and participate in outdoor activities, I’ve recently returned from a camping trip in Hexham.

I also love hiking and going for walks, usually with my Cavalier King Charles, Milo. Milo loves coming camping with us and particularly enjoys stealing all of the blankets in the tent at night!

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