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Celebrating our Employees at the British Engines Group Awards

Posted: 17th November 2023

Congratulations to our employees who were honoured at the British Engines Group Annual Awards 2023, acknowledging their commitment and dedication to their work and the company.

The awards acknowledge the accomplishments of the group’s apprentices, alongside long-serving employees who have been a part of the British Engines Group for 25, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years.

Andrew Allan, Darren Corrie and Paul Walters were recognised for their remarkable 25 years of service, all having started at Michell Bearings in 1998.

Andrew’s journey saw him rise from a Design Engineer to Senior Design Engineer in 2007, a position he has successfully held for the past sixteen years.

Darren, originally an apprentice at Michell Bearings, demonstrated an early interest in design and computing during a college project. This passion led him to the drawing office in April 2005, securing a role as a Design Engineer.

Paul, a pivotal member of the Michell Bearings team, manages commercial activities, including the contracting team and the estimating and cash management function.

The evening highlighted the achievements of Dan Armstrong, recipient of the 4th Year Apprentice Award. Dan earned praise from shift leaders for his commitment, abilities and humility at work. While pursuing his HNC, Dan maintained top marks and remained a valued team member.

A special thanks was also given to Steve Dixon for his many years of service as CEO of Michell Bearings as he retires from the group.

All British Engines Group apprentices received commendations for their exceptional commitment and versatility as they progress through their apprenticeships.

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