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Michell Bearings Engages The Nuclear Business Platform (NBP)

Posted: 22nd March 2021

Michell Bearings has engaged the Nuclear Business Platform (NBP) to help promote Michell Bearings’ key capabilities in the Indian nuclear sector. As part of this, our Sales and Marketing Director, Geoff Humble, will be speaking at upcoming online event, INBP Lite 2021, in April.

The newly established relationship coincides with the Indian Government’s plans to expand India’s nuclear power capacity from 6,780MW in 2021, to 22,480MW by 2031. As part of the plan, the Government have sanctioned the development of ten pressurised heavy-water reactors (PHWRs) under fleet-mode, alongside a number of light-water reactors (LWRs). Key to achieving this ambitious target will be the collaboration of various stakeholders within the nuclear power industry with relevant solutions providers and suppliers.

Since its inception in 2012, the purpose of the NBP has been to bring together over 320 primary stakeholders from the Indian nuclear power market, including nuclear companies and government bodies, with expert nuclear solutions providers such as Michell Bearings.

As part of their strategy to bring stakeholders and suppliers together, the NBP will be holding a networking event in April, INBP Lite 2021, where our Sales and Marketing Director, Geoff Humble will be speaking. The event will provide attendees with an update on the Indian nuclear power programme, along with guidance and expert advice on nuclear liability and insurance, localisation, finance and regulation.

Geoff will be presenting Michell Bearing’s capabilities and experience within the nuclear power industry, including our unique ability to manufacture reactor coolant pump / motor thrust bearings that run down under station black out conditions and restart without any reliance on external hydrostatic oil injection systems.

As part of Geoff’s presentation, he will also highlight the Michell Bearings facility in Bangalore, India. Established in 1995, Michell Bearings India has developed longstanding relationships with manufacturers of rotating equipment across India and has the capacity to manufacture and service bearings locally, in line with the Indian Government’s objectives for localisation and Indian manufacturing content.

We are excited to see what challenges and opportunities arise as a result of this new partnership and hope to establish Michell Bearings India as a key solutions provider for all hydrodynamic bearing applications in future Indian nuclear power projects.






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