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PEEK and PTFE Bearing Research Released

Posted: 18th October 2019

Our Engineering Director, Paul Bruce, delivered a technical session at the EDF/Pprime conference in Paris this month.

Held every two years, the conference provides an opportunity for academics, manufacturers and end users to gather and discuss the latest developments regarding sliding bearings. During the workshop, researchers and practitioners from industry and academia share their knowledge and solutions related to plain bearing technologies within a variety of applications.

Paul presented his research paper, ‘Like for like performance comparison of PEEK and PTFE thrust bearings for use in vertical pump and motor applications’ undertaken by himself, John Butler (Design Office Manager) and Steve Dixon (Chief Executive Officer).

The paper details test work performed with sets of 80mm PEEK and PTFE lined thrust pads, both with identical geometry. Each set was tested at a range of duties which are typically experienced in vertical pump and motor applications.

Click here to download the research paper.

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